Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12/18 Scratch Meeting Minutes

December 18, 2010 Chicago Scratch Orchestra Meeting Minutes

Special thanks to Dan and Clifton for opening up Brown Rice for us!

In attendance: Eric Leonardsen, Julia Miller, Joe Fosco, Clifton Ingram, Andrew Royal, Samuel Bradshaw, Chris Priessing, Dan Godston, Jeff Kowalkowski

Next Meeting: Friday, January 7, 2011, Heaven Gallery, with guest conductor Eric Rieman

Performing his score “Nursery/Machine Houses” 7 PM Rehearsal, 9 PM Concert

We rehearsed “Nursery/Machine Houses” and feel very comfortable with the instructions. We specially appreciate #11: Using your acute (or less than acute) powers of memory, attempt to repeat a lengthy-something-you-did-previously. Try to be precise, but fail.

A ScratchOrchestra: draft constitution by Cornelius Cardew, The Musical Times, June 1969, was distributed. Everyone should read this.

Chris Priessing presented “Ekphesis *score added to CSO appendix

Sam Bradshaw presented an Improvisation Rite: “Canon a2 from the Musical Offering” by JS Bach. Joe Fosco recommended a “klangfarbenmelodie” solution that sounded very good. *score added to CSO appendix

Dan Godston directed our emotional motivation: “You Are”: Mount Fuji in 19th century, Josephine Baker’s shoes, Merce Cunningham quitting Martha Graham, Francis Bacon’s Head, Jane Adams meeting Tolstoy, Bosch Ear meets Van Gogh Ear, in duos, trios, and tutti. *score added to CSO appendix

Eric Leonardsen discussed the intersection of Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology and CSO, potential sound walks conducted by orchestra members and/or planted musicians in a playing environment.

Jeff Kowalkowski mentioned the possibility of collaborating with Links Hall for the Summer-dance(?) event downtown (grant park?), where-in CSO would be the “band.” This was mentioned by Dan Mohr as a maybe….might be a chance to do a Fluxus-type event with many artists participating with us…from all disciplines?

Clifton Ingram discussed his Scratchbook experiences, writing on the train, trying to write everyday, noticing patterns, repetitions of ideas done unconsciously over time. It is suggested that everyone follow the instructions for Scratchbooks in the draft constitution and prepare a SOLO score for yourself to be ready to play. After you have played it, it becomes an accompaniment, etc.

Please try to keep all handouts from all meetings and concerts in a chronological folder, and add your own pages.

CSO current repertoire appendix 2010

May Pole Howard Skempton, chord by Jeff Kowalkowski

I, Norton Gino Robair*

Penjara Clifton Ingram

UDTQ Andrew T. Royal

Nursery/Machine Houses Eric Rieman*

Scatter Paul Hartsaw

fractures Alex Feldman

Ektphesis Chris Priessing

Canon a2 from A Musical Offering JS Bach, Improvisation Rite by Sam Bradshaw

You Are : Dan Godston

*guest conductors