Tuesday, August 24, 2010

October 24 Concert Plans and Live Radio Dates

Here is the concert schedule for Sunday, October 24, with approximate durations. The Roster for the Scratch Orchestra is growing rapidly, please contact kowalkowskijeff@mac.com if you want to join. Musicians and sympathetic non-musician noise people are encouraged to work with us....or, complete beginners too.....

2:00 Tom Stevens: "Movement for Piano"

2:10 Kyong Mee Choi

2:40 Abbinanti/Gregorio/Priessing/Hatwich

3:05 AURIS

3:30 Ginor Robair with Jeff Kowalkowski's "scratch orchestra" project

Also, here are local radio dates:
10/17--AURIS on WLUW
10/22--Gino Robair on WNUR
10/24--Scratch Orchestra Project on WLUW

If you or someone you know (especially musicians who are performing on this day) would be interested in playing with the "Scratch Orchestra Project" and Gino Robair, please contact
Jeff Kowalkowski for instructions (kowalkowskijeff@mac.com)

Much Love! :)